Tuesday, July 24, 2018

USA, Idaho: GRC Member Supports Utah FORGE Project with Computer Modeling

Utah Forge Geothermal Project Involves INL Modeling Research (INL)

Under a Work for Others agreement, an Idaho National Laboratory (INL) team led by Dr. Robert Podgorney (a GRC Member) participated in the Utah FORGE work by building an earth model (a computer representation of the subsurface structure) and the reservoir model (a computational analysis of fluid flow through the structure), using commercial and INL codes.

The next phase of the project will focus on building out the infrastructure in preparation for a spring 2019 opening. Podgorney said INL will contribute in the following areas:
  • Assist in the implementation of updated geologic and geomechanics models.
  • Supervise and coordinate development of the earth model.
  • Coordinate and conduct Dynamic Reservoir Modeling activities that will inform drilling and stimulation of the production and injection wells.
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Dr. Robert Podgorney will present a number of papers on FORGE Research – Enabling EGS at the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo, from October 14-17 at the Peppermill Resort Spa and Casino in Reno, Nevada, USA.