Thursday, July 26, 2018

USA, California: Draft Planning Map for Salton Sea Sets Asides Land for Development of Geothermal Facilities

Mapping out the possibilities: EIFD Salton Sea draft map submitted for review (Imperial Valley Press)

The next phase in exploring the possibility of creating an enhanced infrastructure finance district to fund improvements to the Salton Sea has begun.

Proposed improvements include a $1.7 billion to $1.8 billion plan calling for substantial infrastructure to be built in incremental phases.

The crown jewel of the plan to restore the Salton Sea is the concept of a perimeter lake – a 60-plus-mile-long channel that would allow boaters to traverse the majority of the Salton Sea from the New River tributary clockwise to Bombay Beach and back again.

The channel created by the dredging crews would be separated from the main body of the Salton Sea by a large berm that would eventually encompass the entirety of the lake, except for a portion at the extreme southeastern point, east of where the New River flows into the body of water.

This location has been set aside for the development of geothermal facilities and mineral extraction facilities.

“That is an area that may need infrastructure improvements and it also is an area that may see some growth, particularly in energy or mineral extraction type projects,” Horne said. “We have been talking to folks out there on the Salton Sea area who are looking at geothermal or mineral extraction projects that may need road improvements in that area to improve access.”

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