Monday, July 2, 2018

Kenya: Olkaria III Geothermal Power Plant 1 Expansion Adds Another 11 MW

Ormat's Olkaria III Plant 1 Expansion Reaches Commercial Operation, Increasing Complex Capacity To 150 MW (News Release)

Olkaria III flow test, by Patrick Walsh. Active flow test during construction of the 4th addition to Ormat's Olkaria III complex in Kenya. Taken from the top of Olkaria Hill in November 2015.GRC Photo Contest 2016.
Ormat Technologies Inc. announced today that the 11 MW Plant 1 expansion project in the Olkaria III complex in Kenya successfully completed its tests and commenced commercial operation on June 2, 2018.

Since 2000, Ormat has developed and expanded the Olkaria III complex in phases and increased its generating capacity from 13 MW to 139 MW by 2016. With the completion of the 11 MW expansion project, the total generating capacity of the complex has reached 150 MW. The scope of the project included drilling of new wells, adding a new Ormat Energy Converter unit, and optimizing other existing units.

The electricity generated from the expanded Plant 1 will be sold to Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited under the terms of Plant 1 within the Olkaria III complex power purchase agreement (PPA). The new capacity from the expansion is expected to generate average annual revenues of approximately $8 million and to contribute to the Electricity segment performance.