Monday, July 16, 2018

GRC Member on a Geothermal Trip of a Lifetime - Part Two

Journey Through Iceland's Geothermal Mecca (National Geographic)

Explore a surreal landscape shaped by volcanoes, wind, water, and ice with National Geographic Explorer Andrés Ruzo  (a GRC Member and GRC Scholarship awardee) .

Geothermal energy fully saturates every aspect of Iceland, so much so that when you turn on the tap in some places, you get hot water directly from the earth. Steam plumes are a surprisingly common sight in the country, from hot springs, pools, fumaroles, and even geothermal power plants. I absolutely love that Iceland’s capital city got its name from the steam plumes its founders saw rising from around the bay—Reykjavík means “steamy bay.” The name captures the essence of life in Iceland, and, since arriving in the country, I was impressed with how many regular Icelanders told me that life there would not be possible without geothermal.

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