Thursday, June 21, 2018

Science & Technology: A Joint 3D Inversion Workflow Study of the Darajat Geothermal Steam Field

Geologically consistent multiphysics imaging of the Darajat geothermal steam field (First Break)

Darajat is a vapor-dominated, producing geothermal field in West Java, Indonesia. Located along a range of Quaternary volcanic centres, it is associated with an eroded andesitic stratovolcano, and its reservoir is predominantly comprised of thick lava flows and intrusions in a stratovolcano central facies (Rejeki et al., 2010).

First production from the field was started in 1994 with the installation of a 55 MW plant, and capacity was added in 2000 and 2007 to bring the total to 271 MW.

Several ground geophysics data sets have been acquired during successive surveys – including gravity and magnetotelluric (MT) surveys, and continuing micro-earthquake (MEQ) monitoring (Soyer et al., 2017).

While each survey was independently modelled and interpreted, a quantitatively integrated 3D inversion modelling study had not been undertaken. We present a joint 3D inversion workflow, incorporating the production field model as a structural reference in order to derive mutually consistent subsurface resistivity, density and velocity distributions, as well as relocated MEQ events.

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Geologically consistent multiphysics imaging of the Darajat geothermal steam field, by Wolfgang Soyer, Randall Mackie, Stephen Hallinan, Alice Pavesi, Gregg Nordquist, Aquardi Suminar, Rindu Intani and Chris Nelson. First Break: Issue: Vol 36, No 6, June 2018 pp. 77 - 83.