Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mexico: Geothermal Financing & Risk Transfer Program Information Session Before GEOLAC Conference

Mexico Market Briefing: Showcasing the NEW Geothermal Financing & Risk Transfer Program (New Energy Events)

Monday, July 16, 2:00-6:00pm
Hilton Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico government agencies and the IDB will host a pre-GEOLAC market briefing on July 16th which will provide detailed information on the Geothermal Financing and Risk Transfer Program. This major new program is designed to fund and catalyze the development of geothermal projects in Mexico.

The briefing will outline eligibility criteria for participation in the program and is essential for any participants, current or potential, in Mexico’s geothermal market.

The briefing, which is complimentary for GEOLAC delegates, will comprise the following:
  • Introduction to the Program and Welcome Remarks (IDB, INEEL, SENER, NAFIN).
  • Geothermal Financing and Risk Transfer Program: Operational Game Rules (NAFIN, SENER, INEEL). 
Comprising a detailed description of the new program, this session will outline eligibility criteria for developers’ participation in the program. It will also describe the international competitive bidding process for drilling companies
Environmental and Social Impacts (ERM, INEEL). Presentation of all existing environmental and social impact studies and data for current concessions.

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