Friday, May 18, 2018

Finance: “A faster route to power production, which improves the business case, is to use ‘wellhead generators’.”

Decreasing the equity requirements with wellhead power plants (Green Energy Geothermal)

At the Iceland Geothermal Conference, London-based Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) gave a presentation as part of a session on competitiveness and innovation.

Featuring three technology providers, including GEG, a proposed GeoMagma power plant and a presentation the competitiveness of the geothermal sector, the session focused on how different approaches could help in more geothermal development.

In its presentation, GEG focused on a recent financial model done by a third party, looking at the financial impact of staging a larger-scale geothermal development 110 MW project. The case study looked at two scenarios, the traditional approach with two 55 MW units and another approach with eleven 10 MW units by GEG.