Friday, May 18, 2018

Europe: What Stakeholders in Near-surface Geothermal Resource Project Need to Develop their Projects

Report of the relevant needs of Stakeholders in the field of Near-surface Geothermal Resources (GRETA)

12 partners from 6 different countries has met into the GRETA project with the aim demonstrate the potential of Near-surface Geothermal Resources (NSGE) in the Alpine Space and to share its knowledge to foster the integration of this technology into future energy plans in the area at different administrative levels. This approach will help to reduce total CO2-emissions in environmentally sensitive regions using renewable energy sources which are very widely available, thus establishing transnationally integrated low carbon policy instruments.

On the basis of the results presented from Focus Groups in the Pilot Areas of Germany, Italy and Slovenia, the understanding of differences and similarities of barriers and needs regarding the expansion of the geothermal system in the given countries have identified the initial installation cost as a common barrier.

The data analysed in this comparison reveal each of these countries having different needs and barriers in regulations, financial, technical, research, organisation and administration, geological maps and opportunities areas. The strong association between these barriers and local and national administration dynamics suggests own directions for policy makers and the geothermal private sector within these sampled countries to be sought for the expansion of own national geothermal sector.

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