Friday, April 20, 2018

United Kingdom: Deep Geothermal Potential of the UK

Keeping warm: deep geothermal potential of the UK (EPSRC)

Jon Gluyas and Charlotte Adams discuss  recent National Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI) research which looks at how the UK’s heat supply can be decarbonized and national energy security improved.

Two recent papers to emerge from CESI examine the potential to decarbonize the UK’s heat supply and simultaneously improve national energy security.

The article by Gluyas et al on ‘Keeping warm: a review of deep geothermal potential of the UK’ examines how much heat could be extracted from sedimentary basins and granite bodies while Adams and Gluyas article on ‘We could use old coal mines to decarbonize heat – here’s how’ looked at the resource potential of ultra-low enthalpy heat in abandoned flooded coal mines. 

A very conservative estimation indicates that at current levels of heat use there is an absolute minimum of 100 years heat supply from these sources. Moreover, such heat sources have a near zero carbon footprint.