Monday, April 23, 2018

Japan: ElectraTherm Commissions 65 kWe ORC Geothermal Power Plant

ElectraTherm Commissions Heat-to-Power Generator at Micro-Geothermal Site in Japan (News Release)

ElectraTherm of Reno, Nevada, USA, has commissioned a Power+ Generator® at a geothermal site in the northern part of Japan. The geothermal heat forms an onsen (hot spring) where the local community has enjoyed bathing at this natural resource for centuries. The Power+ installation offers another resource to the community.

ElectraTherm utilizes the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies to generate up to 65 kWe of electricity at the site. The Power+ Generator captures low temperature heat ranging from 77°C to 116˚C and flow rates up to 45.4 m3/hr. Unlike other renewable sources, geothermal heat is baseload, providing a continuous flow of hot water and therefore power generation capabilities 24/7. The geothermal resource captures hot water —  the fuel used by the Power+ to drive the ORC cycle and turning ElectraTherm’s twin screw power block, driving an electric generator to make clean electricity.