Monday, April 30, 2018

Italy: Interview with ORC Geothermal Energy Pioneer

Interview With The Expert - Prof. Ennio Macchi From Politecnico Di Milano (Exergy)

Prof. Ennio Macchi
Exergy talked about the latest trends in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) research with emeritus professor Ennio Macchi from Politecnico di Milano, taking the cue from a recent study that examines the global trend of ORC research from 2000 to 2016.

Exergy: Global energy market needs and the compelling energy policies towards sustainable energy models surely influence the direction taken by the ORC technology research. Where is worldwide ORC research heading today?

Prof. Macchi: In the coming years the global energy need will continue to rise: ORC cycles will play a very important role for a variety of applications, from biomass to geothermal and CSP (concentrated solar power, or thermodynamic solar power). An important sector, with strong development potential, is the waste heat recovery from industrial processes. In emerging countries, biomass (a renewable and predictable resource) using ORC technology will work alongside with wind and photovoltaic applications to create micro and mini isolated grids that will manage to respond to the emerging energy needs of rural villages.

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