Thursday, April 19, 2018

Italy: Geothermal Energy is a Big Draw for Tourists in Tuscany

In Tuscany, Tourism is Geothermal (Enel Green Power)

Tuscany is one of the Italian regions that is most known and loved by tourists from around the world. For a few years now, thanks to a collaboration between Enel Green Power and local authorities, alongside the cities full of art, the breath-taking scenery and culinary delights, the geothermal district is one of the most appreciated destinations in the region.

“Geothermal tourists” are schoolchildren, organised groups from Italy and abroad and local residents, all curious about this context – the geothermal industry – deeply rooted in the territory for two centuries now.

Enel Green Power’s Larderello Geothermal Plant was the first in the world to use the heat of the earth to produce green and renewable energy. Today, it’s the centre of a vast complex with a museum and many parks and nature trails.