Wednesday, December 20, 2017

USA, Oregon: Company Plans to Develop Geothermal Projects in Klamath Basin Using Kalina Cycle Technology

Kalina to Partner in Developing Multiple Geothermal Projects (News Release)

(Video 6:45 Minutes)

Kalina Power Limited has announced plans to develop geothermal projects in Oregon, USA, with Klamath Hills Geothermal LLC (KHG), a geothermal power company involved in the development of geothermal assets in the Klamath region over the past decade.

KHG has an attractive pipeline of projects at various stages being targeted for development. The initial project being developed is a 10 MWe project located in Klamath County which has had over US$2 million spent on it to date. Kalina has been actively engaged with KHG on this project over the last 6 months.

Kalina and KHG recently entered into a term sheet that provides for formal agreement to specify that all project interests held or developed by KHG will be developed exclusively in conjunction with Kalina using Kalina Cycle technology. The agreement provides terms under which Kalina can earn a majority interest in KHG through its participation and support in project development.

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