Wednesday, December 13, 2017

USA, California: Latest Figures Highlight Golden State's Prominence in Geothermal Energy

California Energy Commission – Tracking Progress (California Energy Commission)

Renewable Energy – Overview

California on it's own is #1 in the world for geothermal energy production, with 2,694 MW of capacity, about 19.5% of the global total.

California recently set a new goal to increase the renewable content of its electricity from one third to 50 percent by 2030. The state also has a goal to install 12,000 MW of renewable distributed generation. The California Energy Commission is tracking progress toward achieving its renewable goals and the status of permitting and constructing new renewable energy facilities in California.

Highlights for geothermal energy:
  • Geothermal produces 13,000 GWh of RPS Eligible Generation or 17% of the total for renewable energy.
  • Geothermal provides 2,694 MW of capacity from 43 power plants, 10% of the total for renewables:
    • Imperial: 20 power plants with 718 MW capacity
    • Inyo: 3 power plants with 302 MW capacity
    • Lake: 5 power plants with 396 MW capacity
    • Mono: 3 power plants with 40 MW capacity
    • Sonoma: 12 power plants with 1,238 MW capacity
  • There are 7 outstanding Environmental Permits for possible near-term geothermal power projects for a total of 381 MW capacity:
    • Imperial: 3 permits for a possible 212 MW capacity
    • Mono: 1 permit for a possible 33 MW capacity
    • Sonoma: 3 permits for a possible 137 MW capacity
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