Monday, December 11, 2017

Poland: Four Possible Geothermal District Heating Projects Identified

Geothermal District Heating: Preliminary Studies For Selected Areas In Poland (Verkis Consulting Engineers)

Geothermal energy has a large potential for ecological heat generation in Poland. What is required for the optimum development of that essential sector is co-operation and use of the experiences possessed by the global leaders in the field.

That purpose has been assigned to the international Project on “Geothermal energy: a basis for low-emission heat generation, improvement of living conditions, and sustainable development – preliminary studies for selected areas in Poland,” implemented in July 2017. 

This Project opens way for long-expected co-operation between Poland, Iceland, and Norway, in the area of geothermal energy, under the EOG Financial Mechanisms and the Norwegian Funds in the years to come, providing an exceptional opportunities of joint projects and essential progress of geothermal water use in Poland.

Pilot project proposals are summarized in each of the four towns:

  • Konstanynów Łódzki
  • Poddębice
  • Sochaczew
  • Lądek-Zdrój
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