Thursday, December 14, 2017

Belgium: Session on Experimental Methods in Geothermal Engineering at Brussels Conference

ICEM18 - the Eighteenth International Conference of Experimental Mechanics (EuraSEM)

July 1-5, 2018, Brussels, Belgium

The European Society for Experimental Mechanics (EuraSEM) invites you to a special session called "Experimental methods in Geothermal Engineering" chaired by Prof. Runar Unnthorsson, Prof. Robert Dell (GRC Member) and Prof. Halldor Palsson. They are looking for papers that report experimental procedures and experimental work. The topics can be on explorations, product development, evaluation of machinery, maintenance, cascade use, etc.

The session is number 17 ( - in addition to this special session there are 20 other special sessions planned; e.g., on corrosion, strains in materials, fatigue, concrete, composites and more.

Online Abstract Submission........

The scientific committee welcomes contributions for oral communication or poster presentation. Deadline for abstract submission is: December 22, 2017.

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