Monday, October 23, 2017

USA, Nevada: GRC Annual Meeting Location is Only Resort of its Kind in the U.S. Whose Heating is Completely Provided by Geothermal Energy Produced on the Property.

Going green: Peppermill draws geothermal heat from deep beneath its footprint (Northern Nevada Business Weekly)

Location for next year's 42nd GRC Annual Meeting & Expo is heating by geothermal heat

The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino has an advantage most properties lack, which has put it on the leading edge of the sustainability movement.

The casino-resort south of downtown Reno sits over a hot water aquifer.

The owners of the Peppermill, led by the Paganetti family, first tapped into the aquifer in the 1980s to help heat the facility.

"It wasn't like (the extent) we're doing right now, but it was the start of it," said Terrence Spampanato, the vice president-division manager of Pacific Mountain Contractors, which contracts with the Peppermill to manage the geothermal system.

The geothermal wells provide most of the heat for the resort, which has grown from a humble coffee shop a half-century ago into one of Northern Nevada's most successful gaming properties. That includes heating the water for the swimming pool, laundry and plumbing, as well as room heating.

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