Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Turkey: Tender Offered for Geothermal Projects in South-East

Geothermal resource tender in Kahramanmaras (Turkey Telegraph)

Geothermal springs and Natural mineral water fields will be offered for tender in the districts of Kahramanmaraşı Onikisubat and Dulkadiroglu.

Accordingly, a natural mineral water exploration area with two geothermal source water exploration sites in districts of Kahramanmaras Onikişubat and Dulkadiroglu will be auctioned by an auction for 3 years separately. If license holder is requested and demand is in accordance with administration, this period will be prolonged for 1 year. The tender for temporary collateral costs between 576 lira and 6 thousand 994 pounds will be held between 10.30 and 11.30 on Wednesday, November 1st.

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