Thursday, October 12, 2017

Finland: Drilling at Espoo Geothermal Project Reaches 5,200 Meters

Rotary Drilling at st1 Deep Heat (SMU)

In September 2017 drilling recommenced on the st1 Deep Heat Project in Espoo, Finland. Well OTN-III, which had been drilled to 4,500 m using air drilling, switched to water drilling. Over the course of 60 meters, 3 drill bits were consumed. The decision was made to switch to rotary drilling. Rotary drilling commenced and a “J” incline to 35° began.

After making it through the fault zone, rotary drilling continued. The well is currently at 5,200 m with an inclination of 30°.

The next step is logging of the well from 3,500 m to 5,200 m followed by continued drilling at the 30° incline. The goal is to drill to 6,200 m. Stimulation at 6,200 m is scheduled for December 2017 or January 2018.

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