Friday, October 13, 2017

Italy: Algae as Food Supplement Grown Using Geothermal Heat

First greenhouse for algae cultivation heated by geothermal plant launches today (EGEC)

A new greenhouse heated by geothermal energy for the cultivation of Spirulina, a type of algae which is highly nutritious and rich in iron and protein, launches today in Chiusdino, Italy. The innovative pilot project is the first example of geothermal heat supplied by a nearby geothermal power plant and used for Spirulina cultivation.

The greenhouse will use both geothermal heat and carbon-free CO2 from the adjacent geothermal power plant, a product of the geothermal energy production process and a substitute for natural emissions, useful for fostering the cultivation of algae. The project, which is part of an agreement between ENEL Green Power and Co.Svi.G. for experimenting on the uses of geothermal energy in algae cultivation signed earlier this year, aims to demonstrate the possibility of developing high-value commercial cultivation near existing geothermal power plants, therefore increasing the economic impact associated with geothermal energy.