Saturday, September 30, 2017

Spain: Geothermal Energy Could Power the Whole of La Palma Island

Geothermal Energy Coming Soon to La Palma (Canary Islands Report)

The Instituto Volcanologico de Canarias (IVOLCAN) and the Government of La Palma have signed an agreement to evaluate the geothermal potential of this island. This research will begin in the southern region of the island, and the hope is that this initiative could result in 100% autonomous energy, and reduction of carbon energy production.

The first stage will be to identify locations where geothermal potential is the greatest, and this research centre explains that it estimates at a depth of around 5 km, the temperature reaches around 150ยบ and this type of energy supply is capable of producing electricity.

This agreement has already been included in the Government’s budget planning to eventually achieve 100% self-sufficiency for energy needs. The research centre suggests that the geothermal energy produced could be used in public buildings, such as the General Hospital of La Palma, in hotels, blocks of apartments and homes in rural areas.