Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Science & Technology: Japanese Company Develops Geothermal Resource Monitoring System Based in "the Cloud"

Cloud-based continuous monitoring solution (Control Engineering Website)

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed a hot spring monitoring system solution based on its Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) architecture and which works on Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite.

Japan holds the world's third largest geothermal energy reserves, estimated at 23 gigawatts. However, making use of this natural resource requires great care so as not to have an adverse impact on hot springs, whose use has a history going back more than 1,000 years. 

To obtain the data and conduct the scientific analysis needed to reach a consensus with local communities, Yokogawa has developed an integrated monitoring system that is just one-tenth the weight of a conventional combined system consisting of individual flowmeter, thermometer, and conductivity meter components. It requires less wiring, is easier to install, and automatically connects with the cloud.