Thursday, July 6, 2017

Philippines: Government Targets Power Project Red Tape

EO cuts red tape in issuance of permits for power projects (Business Mirror)

Industry players will now only need 30 days—from the current 1,340 days—to secure the necessary permits and licenses to start a big-ticket power project, thanks to Executive Order (EO) 30 issued by President Duterte on June 30.

The EO states that concerned government agencies shall act upon applications for permits involving Energy Projects of National Significance (EPNS) not exceeding within a 30-day period. If no decision is made within the specified processing time frame, the application is deemed approved by the concerned agency.

To be considered among the EPNS, power-generation and -transmission projects must have a capital investment of at least P3.5 billion, significant contribution to the country’s economic development, significant consequential economic impact, significant potential contribution to the country’s balance of payments, significant impact on the environment, complex technical processes and engineering designs and significant infrastructure requirements.

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