Thursday, July 6, 2017

Netherlands: Three Kilometer Deep Geothermal Wells to Heat New Greenhouse Project

TFFG acquires Netherlands’ largest organic vegetable producer (Fresh Fruit Portal)

The largest organic vegetable producer in the Netherlands has been bought by The Fruit Farm Group (TFFG), an entity created three years ago by the shareholders of Belgian-headquartered produce multinational Univeg.

AC Hartman has 72 hectares of horticultural land in the northern Dutch village of Sexbierum which will be expanded to 110 hectares over the next few years making it one of the Netherland’s largest glasshouse horticultural companies.

As part of the new project, AC Hartman’s greenhouses will be heated with geothermal energy – heat energy generated and stored in the earth.

A three kilometre deep well will be bored into the ground in the Sexbierum area from which water will be pumped up to heat the greenhouses. Cool water will then be pumped back into the soil via another well.

Working with AC Hartman to reduce CO2 emissions is Friesland Clean Energy Fund and the Dutch National Green Fund (NGF).

“The ground in the Province of Friesland is highly suitable for geothermal energy. The transition from natural gas to terrestrial heat will eventually lead to a sharp reduction in the province’s use of fossil fuels, thus making an important contribution to meeting its sustainability targets,” Friesland Clean Energy Fund CEO Michel Hendriks says.

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