Friday, June 30, 2017

USA, California: Direct Use Geothermal Project in Modoc County

The Cedarville Rancheria Direct Use Geothermal Project (The Bureau of Indian Affairs)

The Cedarville Rancheria in northeast California is exploring techniques for using nearby natural hot springs as a geothermal resource to provide heat for the residents of the Rancheria and the surrounding town. Given the hot spring’s close proximity and underutilized potential, the Cedarville Rancheria applied for an Energy and Mineral Development Program grant to fund the drilling of a geothermal well on the Rancheria.

The first of two local geothermal systems in the region provides heat at a local high school from a well drilled several miles west of the community. This successful effort resulted from a partnership coordinated by the Division of Energy and Mineral Development (DEMD) between the high school and the Tribe. The project’s outcomes inspired the Tribe to drill a closer geothermal well on the Rancheria and to request recommendations for the best uses of the new geothermal well.

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