Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Indonesia: 1.2 GW Geothermal Energy by 2028 - Star Energy

Star Energy targets boosting geothermal capacity to 1200 MW (asian-power.com)

Jakarta-based Star Energy plants to push its geothermal power production capacity to 1.2 GW by 2028, as announced by communication coordinator Hadi Kuwoyo.

He adds that they have already explored possible new geothermal resources in Lampung and Sulawesi. Star Energy's production capacity is currently at 934 MW which is being supplied from three geothermal units: Mount Salak at 377 MW, Darajat at 275 MW, and Wayang Windu PLTP at 287 MW.

The group is the largest geothermal power plant operator in Indonesia after it acquired Chevron Corporation's assets in Mount Salak and Darajat.

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