Tuesday, May 30, 2017

USA, Texas: Proposed Refinery's Site is in a "Sweet Spot" for Geothermal Energy

Thermal Energy Partners Signs Agreement to Co-Locate Geothermal Power with Raven Petroleum for "The Cleanest Refinery in the World" (Electric Energy Online)

Raven Petroleum is moving forward with plans to build a refinery in deep South Texas after tapping a general contractor to build it and a a company to provide 100 percent green power it and send emissions deep underground.

The Woodlands-based company has chosen Houston-based general contractor BASIC Equipment to handle the proposed refinery's engineering procurement and construction needs, while Austin-based geothermal company Thermal Energy Partners will provide 100 percent renewable power, desalination and carbon sequestration capabilities.

The proposed refinery's site is in a "sweet spot" for geothermal energy and TEP will also build and operate a desalination plant to support the project. Early cycles of geothermal power will rely on high-temperature brackish water from deep underground while later cycles will rely on the refinery's own carbon dioxide emissions for power.

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