Thursday, May 18, 2017

USA: Baseload Renewables Urge DOE to Level the Playing Field

Grid review splits renewable energy providers (National Wind Watch)

Several renewable energy groups are urging Energy Secretary Rick Perry to use a contested grid study to consider how their industries are not receiving the same benefits as wind, natural gas and other technologies.

Critics see DOE’s review of grid reliability and subsidies as a potential threat to the federal wind tax credit, especially since study leader Travis Fisher has questioned its value and the broader benefit of renewable energy mandates (Global Geothermal News, April 17).

But the groups behind the letter – which represent renewable industries providing baseload power – are targeting the DOE study as a way to address what they say are unfair policies at the state and federal level.

The National Hydropower Association, the American Biogas Council, the Geothermal Energy Association, the Energy Recovery Council and the Biomass Power Association said they were “very encouraged” by DOE’s action to assess the grid.

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