Monday, May 1, 2017

USA: Employment Opportunity Includes Geothermal Energy Component

Senior Subsurface Energy Analyst (KeyLogic)

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The candidate will apply sound principles and analytical leadership to the area of energy-related subsurface analysis.  The analyst work with the Pittsburgh-based Subsurface Analyst Team and support the development of technologies related to geologic carbon storage, enhanced oil recovery, oil and gas operations, produced water production and management, and geothermal energy.

The team works across a range of subsurface-related topics, technologies, and operations supporting a variety of clients.  The candidate is expected to quickly learn all the tools and procedures currently in use, and be able to lead and direct work initiatives.  The candidate must have flexibility to work independently or in a team setting, depending on the particular work initiative.  The candidate is expected to add significant value to client tasks, especially to the interpretation and communication of complex subsurface results and data, as well as add new capability to the Subsurface Analysis Team.

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