Friday, May 26, 2017

United Kingdom: Good Overview of Geothermal Energy in Great Britain

From the outside looking in: the risk, the money, & the public: UK Deep (onshore) Geothermal (LinkedIn)

Dave Waters, Geoscience Consultant and Director at Paetoro Consulting UK Ltd

Public perceptions of geothermal energy are typically of bubbling hot springs and exotic landscapes and steaming pipes in places like Iceland, New Zealand, and the US. In fact, geothermal has moved on a lot since the earliest power stations, and has been seriously investigated in the UK since the oil shocks of the seventies.

Anyone reviewing the subject will probably be surprised by the number of past projects, proposed projects, and the body of excellent work done by BGS, DECC, and many individual companies in the UK. The industry has moved into a much more modern era, where steam is not necessarily a pre-requisite, and where the footprint of geothermal technologies can be discretely scaled to be as large or small as requirements demand.

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