Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spain: Geothermal Resource for Greenhouse Project in Andalucia

Spain: Geothermal deposit for greenhouse air-conditioning discovered (horti daily)

The company Cardial has reported the discovery of a geothermal deposit at 490 metre depth in the fields of Níjar, in the Spanish province of Almeria.

The firm, which is promoting a project for greenhouse air-conditioning in Níjar using geothermal energy, has reported in a note that the deposit has an average temperature of 41.8°C, an increasing gradient of 8.87°C per 100 metres and an average flow of 22.72 litres per second.

The data, certified by a company collaborating with the public administration, will allow for the first geothermal plant to start being built in Almeria next August. The company in charge of extraction will be Sacyr Industrial.

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