Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rwanda: Surface Exploration for Geothermal Energy Reserves is Complete

Rwanda to Release New Results on Geothermal Energy Potential (KT Press)

Rwanda is concluding a four year research that will lead to exploration of new kind of energy in efforts to meet 70% energy rollout target by 2018.

Two feasibility studies that were launched in 2013 at a cost of $ 300,000 each are expected to lead to drilling of geothermal energy in Western province.

Speaking to KT Press last week, Uwera Rutagarama, geothermal development manager at Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL), said “We have undertaken surface exploration studies of Bugarama and Gisenyi sites in Western Province.”

The surface exploration consists of studying geology, hot springs and geophysics to indicate whether there is hot water underneath that can be drilled for power generation purposes.