Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mexico: Opportunities for U.S. Geothermal Energy Developers

Mexico’s Geothermal Market Assessment Report (NREL)

This report is intended to help U.S. companies in the geothermal sector understand potential business opportunities created by recent changes in the Mexican energy market and regulatory environment.

Currently, there are a variety of avenues for private renewable energy companies to sell electricity into the Mexican market. In addition to securing long term PPAs with the federal government, companies can secure PPAs with local corporate or municipal customers, build turnkey projects for locally active companies, or sell directly into the wholesale electricity market.

U.S. companies can also provide a variety of technology products and services for export into the Mexican market.

This report will help U.S. companies identify the many public and private sector stakeholders in the United States and Mexico, which can help U.S. companies
navigate the new regulatory and permitting environment, build new partnerships, and identify vehicles for financial assistance and risk mitigation.

Mexico's Geothermal Market Assessment Report (PDF).........