Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Indonesia: Roland Horne Hosts a Week-Long Workshop on Well Test Analysis

Modern Well Test Analysis – A 5 day course by Dr. Roland N. Horne (LDI Training)

21-25 August, Bandung, Indonesia

Dr. Roland N. Horne
In this 5-day well test analysis courses, Dr. Roland N. Horne, a Professor from Stanford University (and GRC Member), will personally show you how to:
  • Interpret well test to determine reservoir properties
  • Analyze transient well data to diagnose well condition
  • Design well tests for maximum efficiency and success
  • Use computer-aided interpretation tools
This course consists of lecture presentations and doing exercises using PC’s and software featuring all the latest analysis techniques. The course will use commonly applied commercial well test interpretation software, which will allow the attendees to practice analyzing all the 35 included well test examples, using the same tools likely to be used every day in their companies.