Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Iceland: Expanding Iceland’s Vast Geothermal Energy Infrastructure

See how the Volvo FH16 is helping to build Iceland’s geothermal energy infrastructure – one pipe at a time (Volvo Trucks)

Performing special tasks is an everyday thing for Jon and Margeir, a highly successful, father and sons trucking business. For Margeir Jonsson, it’s all about solving problems for his clients. Perhaps this explains why he has been driving Volvo trucks since 1974. Today, their specialised fleet includes a Volvo FH16 650, fitted with a very powerful, 38-metres long crane. It has proven ideal for a range of unique tasks – like transporting and positioning concrete sections for a bridge construction to offloading huge commercial fishing nets from difficult-to-access vessels. It’s also often hard at work expanding Iceland’s vast geothermal energy infrastructure – one pipe at a time.