Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Greece: New Spa Powered by Geothermal Waters from Mount Olympus!

The biggest thermal spa in the Balkans is located in Chalkidiki, Greece (

The Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is the largest spa with thermal water in the Balkans and it is located in Chalkidiki, in northern Greece. 

Located in the Kanistros area on the first leg of Chalkidiki it was built in 2014 on a hot natural source of iodized water rather than sulfur, as originally assumed. Seeking to find where they came from, they saw that it was connected to Mount Olympus.

The source of "Myrthia Thermal Spa", known as Canister Water, is recognized by the National Commission for the Protection of Water Resources as a hot natural source. Canister Water reaches the surface at a temperature of about 32°C passing through primitive rocks at a depth of 270 meters. Its metallic composition is formed during its course while its temperature decreases at the end of the upward movement due to its mixing with cooler surface waters.