Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chile: Interview With Drilling Firm for Cerro Pabellón Geothermal Project

Interview: Andrea Guglielmetti, Manager of geothermal drilling firm Petrevén Chile (ThinkGeoEnergy)

An Interview with Andrea Guglielmetti, Manager of Petrevén Chile, the company that drilled the wells for the geothermal power project of Cerro Pabellón, Chile.

The project takes place at Cerro Pabellón (Atacama Desert, Antofagasta Region), at an average altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level, with a characteristic change of temperatures from -30°C in the winter season to + 18°C during the day. Due to these particular conditions, the H202 Extreme hydraulic equipment has been hydraulically modified and re-powered in generation, thus allowing the drilling without problems and complying with the profiles and standards of the geothermal wells.

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