Friday, April 21, 2017

Chile: Chemical Engineer, Marianna Zeppieri at the Cerro Pabellón Geothermal Plant

Marianna, the “Queen” of Cerro Pabellón: My Life on Mars (Enel Green Power)

She arrived in Chile in July 2015 and is a Project Engineer and the only stable female presence on the Enel Green Power team that built the first geothermal plant in Latin America, at 4500 metres altitude in the Atacama Desert

First she did a degree and a PhD, then she became part of Enel’s big team. A chemical engineer, Marianna Zeppieri has always had a clear idea of her future: “On the day of my job interview, I asked specifically to work in the world of renewables and to have work experience abroad. I’m fascinated by the idea of getting to know other cultures and to understand realities that are very different from ours”.

Her big break came in July 2015, when we launched the works at Cerro Pabellón, our geothermal plant located at 4500 metres above sea level in the Atacama Desert. Marianna didn’t think twice: when the project was approved, she packed her bags and left her beloved Rome. She’s now lived in Chile for almost two years as Project Engineer at Cerro Pabellón.