Thursday, March 16, 2017

Science & Technology: New Slim-Hole Drilling and Sampling Tool Could Help Geothermal Energy Exploration

Geologist-Designed Slim-Hole Tool: Interview with Daniel Flores (AAPG)

Interview with Daniel Flores, who lives and works in Peru, who has developed an innovative slim-hole drilling and sampling tool that can work in many settings.

I'm working on prototyping of pressure control system. The system works with sensors that anticipate the arrival on surface of variations in the mud density readings while drilling. In most cases these decrements are attributed to pressurized influx of oil or gas from geological formations traversed. In response, a protocol automatically activates valves located at flow line of mud, which can instantly increase the pressure in the borehole and thus counteract the pressure of formation without it being necessary incorporate additives to mud to achieve the same result.

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly competitive. Some countries have aligned themselves with short-term targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, this proposal has as secondary objective to cover the high demand within the geothermal industry which has as a challenge for its development the drilling of exploratory wells which represent the activity of greater investment and with a high risk on upstream.

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