Thursday, March 16, 2017

Poland: Environmental Minister Says Geothermal is Superior to Wind and Solar

Minister says geothermal energy a ‘big chance’ for Poland (Decentralized Energy)

Poland’s Minister for the Environment Jan Szyszko believes a big solution towards his country’s energy dependence resides in its geothermal resources.

Szysko told a parliamentary conference that the resource is superior to wind and solar power as it does not suffer from intermittency.

“Geothermal Energy has its place in the Strategy for Responsible Development, which means that it will be supported by the government. The statement was made at a parliamentary conference “Geothermal energy impulse - development of the Polish economy”.

The country has been highly dependent on coal for decades but Szysko cites Professor Julian Sokolowski who stated that Polish geothermal resources far exceed its needs.

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