Monday, March 6, 2017

Philippines: Local Tribes Help Protect Geothermal Energy Resource With Re-Forestation

IPs in geothermal-rich Albay town tapped as forest guardians (The Manila Times)

For the Agta-Tabangnon tribe in geothermal-rich Tiwi, Albay, the forest is life. After facing the wrath of nature with natural calamities that have visited the region, the tribesmen have been tapped as guardians of the forest to protect Asia’s oldest geothermal plant that is within the integral part of their natural habitat.

The villages of Misibis, Mayong and Joroan with a total population of 2,802 or 489 households, all located in the Philippine Geothermal Production Company (PGPC) energy reserve areas, is also where his fellow tribesmen live.

Townspeople from all walks of life including indigenous peoples (IPs) joined hands to reforest the denuded reserve area to protect the geothermal field and prolong its life.

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