Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Colombia: Exploration for Geothermal Energy Resource to Resume

Chec pone la geotermia en alto - Chec Gives Priority to Geothermal (La Patria.com)

Colombian utility Chec Group EPM has announced a resumption of exploration for a geothermal energy resource in the country.

There are plans to start surveying in the areas of El Páramo, Papayal and Playa Larga in the Villamaría highlands, west of the capital Bogotá.

Julián López Palacio, coordinator of the geothermal project at Chec, said that the objective is to check the temperature and pressure of existing wells, to determine if the conditions are enough to generate electricity.

The exploratory phase began in 1997 at the Nereidas 1 well on the Pyrenees estate. A temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius was recorded at 680 meters depth. Exploration continued to 1,400 meters but then paused.

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