Tuesday, March 21, 2017

USA, Utah: Presentations from Workshop on Geothermal Energy in High-Temperature Sedimentary Basins

Workshop fostering the basic science and engineering of geothermal energy in high-temperature sedimentary basins

Abstracts, presentations and posters from the workshop held March 1-4, 2017, in Salt Lake City, Utah, have been made available. Click here for material from the following authors and topics:
  • John Holbrook - SedHeat So Far
  • Derek Elsworth - Engineering Challenges in the Recovery of Heat from Sedimentary Reservoirs
  • Chad Augustine - Economic Challenges to the Development of Sedimentary Resources
  • Will Gosnold - Challenges in Implementing a Multi-Partnership Geothermal Power Plant
  • John Fox - The Technical Successes and Financial Challenges of Micro-Geothermal
  • Dario V. Guerra III - If You Build It, They Will Come
  • Bruce Cutright - Revisiting Deep Hot Sedimentary Reservoirs for Commercial Energy Production
  • Maurice Dusseault - Geomechanics Issues in Warm Dry Rock EGS
  • Ahmed Abou-Sayed - Injection Best Practices and Injector Performance Optimization
  • Tom Doe - The Possible Role of Porous Flow in Mitigating the Short Circuiting Effects of Fractures
  • Sabodh Garg - Geopressured Geothermal Systems
  • Luis Zerpa - Effect of Reservoir Characteristics on the Performance of Sedimentary Geothermal Systems
  • Jill Haizlip - Chemical Aspects of Production from Sedimentary Geothermal Systems
  • Ivan Wong - Guidelines for Addressing Induced Seismicity from Energy Development in the U.S.
  • David Eaton - Dynamics of Fault Activation by Hydraulic Fracturing in Overpressured Shales
  • Matt Hornbach - Induced Seismicity in Texas: Implications for Geothermal Energy and New Tools for Long-term Mitigation
  • Jim Faulds - Geothermal Exploration for Conventional Hydrothermal Systems with Applications to Sedimentary Hosted Systems
  • Maria Richards - Low-Temperature Geothermal: Baseload versus Distributed Power
  • Rick Alli - High-Temperature Stratigraphic Reservoirs in the Great Basin
  • Terry Jordan - Brownfield for Fossil Fuels but Greenfield for Geothermal: Lessons from the Appalachian Basin
  • Cees Willems - Identifying Geologic Risk and Optimizing Heat Extraction from Sedimentary Aquifers – an Example from the Netherlands
  • Loy Sneary - Challenges in the Direct Heat-to-Power Business
  • Karin Block - Winning Community Support for Projects
  • Sid Green - What are the Conclusions Regarding Geothermal Energy Recovery from Sedimentary Basins?
  • Joe Moore - Are Sedimentary Basins An Alternative To Conventional Resources?