Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Canada: Member of Parliament Calls for Support of Geothermal Industry

Using abandoned oil wells for geothermal on Edmonton MPs federal budget 2017 wish list (

MP Matt Jeneroux
Thousands of unemployed energy workers are looking to Wednesday’s federal budget hoping their jobs can be brought back to life, when and if abandoned oil wells are used again.

The change? The wells wouldn’t be used to drill for oil, but for drilling deep into the earth’s core.

Edmonton-Riverbend MP Matt Jeneroux has a private members motion on the order paper. M-122 calls for support for the geothermal industry in Canada.

He said the abandoned wells normally would have concrete pumped into them to cap them. Instead, Jeneroux has been working with the industry to have those orphaned wells converted to geothermal production.

Jeneroux said there is potential not only in Alberta, but in B.C. and Saskatchewan as well.

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