Friday, February 10, 2017

United Kingdom: Geothermal Heat Could Help Important Agricultural Area

Vale businesses could be heated using geothermal energy, study finds (Evesham Observer)

A groundbreaking study has been carried out in the Vale which could lead to homes and businesses being heated by geothermal energy.

The results of the study, led by Wychavon District Council, were published on Tuesday (February 7) and found there is ‘real potential’ to use natural heat from the Earth as a renewable source of energy in Worcestershire.

The research looked at heat use across the county – with public sector buildings and large scale business uses at the forefront of the study.

A key part of the study focused on geothermal heat in the south of the county, focusing particularly on how this might support growers in the Vale, especially in Offenham.

Offenham is home to a number of important horticultural companies who all use a substantial amount of heat to grow fruit and vegetables for supermarkets across the country.

It’s hoped harnessing the natural heat would meet the rising demand from growers in the Vale, whilst also providing a sustainable source of energy at the same time.