Friday, February 10, 2017

India: Geological Survey Has Identified About 340 Geothermal Hot Springs

Geothermal Energy Potential & Problems (Cooling India)

Prospects of geothermal energy in India have huge potential to become a leading contributor in generating eco-friendly and cost effective geothermal power. Around 6.5% of electricity generation in the world would be done with the help of geothermal energy and India would have to play a bigger role in the coming years in this direction.

The Geological Survey of India has identified about 340 geothermal hot springs in the country. Most of them are in the low surface temperature range from 37° C-90°C which is suitable for direct heat applications.

These springs are grouped into seven geothermal provinces i.e. Himalayan (Puga, Chhumathang), Sahara Valley, Cambay Basin, Son-Narmada-Tapi (SONATA) lineament belt, West Coast, Godavari basin and Mahanadi basin.

Some of the prominent geothermal resources include Puga Valley and Chhumathang in Jammu and Kashmir, Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh, Jalgaon in Maharashtra and Tapovan in Uttarakhand. A new location of geothermal power energy has also been found in Tattapani in Chhattisgarh. In addition, Gujarat is set to tap geothermal electricity through resources which are available in Cambay between Narmada and Tapi river.

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