Thursday, February 23, 2017

Commonwealth of Dominica: Vacancy as Geothermal Project Manager

Project Manager - Dominica Geothermal Company

Applications close on Wednesday 1st March 2017

2 years, with possible extension for up to an additional 12 months. Unique senior executive role within a international development project. NZ Government support programme (Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica)

This proposed geothermal project will be implemented by Dirección General de Desarrollo de la Comunidad (DGDC) under the guidance of external advisors and through the appointment of suitably qualified contractors. This Project Manager will play a key role in the delivery of the project, initially supporting the establishment of the company, whilst concurrently leading project implementation.

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager who will support the DGDC Project Executive and DGDC staff during the company establishment, and to create an effective working project company with appropriate systems and structure. The Project Manager will also act as one of the key senior officers of DGDC, alongside the CEO, and take the lead when working with technical and other consultants to ensure this project meets good industry practice and international standards.

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