Monday, December 5, 2016

Philippines: Minister Suggests Competition for Baseload Energy Supply

DoE: Dumping fuel mix policy boosts baseload competition (BusinessWorld)

Energy Secretary
Alfonso G. Cusi
The Philippines Department of Energy (DoE) has maintained its position that it will abandon a fuel mix policy that sets a “quota” for each energy technology, saying developers should be left to decide the kind of power plants they want to build based on the country’s power system requirements.

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi said industry participants should not expect a fuel mix policy similar to what was adopted by the past government, which aspired to limit the sourcing of new power capacity to no more than 30% for coal, 30% for natural gas, 30% for renewables and 10% from other sources including diesel-fired plants.

Mr. Cusi said on his watch, industry should get used to a mix that set by a system requirement of 70% baseload provided by plants running on coal, natural gas and geothermal power on a 24-hour basis, 20% mid-merit and 10% peaking power.