Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Zealand: Geothermal Inspired Sculpture for the Sulphur City

Flame-like fronds in the Rotorua sky (SunLive)

It would sit on a 1.8 metre plinth and soar another 10m into the Rotorua sky. It's an impressive and imposing statue planned for the Hemo Gorge roundabout at the southern entranceway to the sulphur city.

The statue, which involves frond like features spiraling skyward, would tell the story of Ngatoroirangi, the Te Arawa chief who was responsible for the safe passage of people to New Zealand.

The legend of Ngatoroirangi tells of how he almost perished from the cold on top of Tongariro. He called for his sisters to send heat and warmth to save him. They travelled beneath the sea and land in the form of fire creating the geothermal valleys like Whakarewarewa as they searched for him.

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