Friday, December 2, 2016

USA, California: "The geothermal-lithium angle could be just the ticket."

US Energy Dept. Toots Geothermal Horn, With Lithium Bonus (CleanTechnica)

(Courtesy Simbol Materials)
The Energy Department is very excited about its California lithium project piggybacked onto a geothermal power plant, and with good reason. Lithium is the key ingredient in innumerable electronic devices, from portable gear on up to EVs and large scale lithium-ion energy storage systems.

The problem is — or has been, until now — that the US does not have much of a domestic lithium supply.

Wherever US energy policy may go under the incoming Trump Administration, if the President-elect is serious about bringing manufacturing back to the US he’ll have to demonstrate a bit more of a forward-looking strategy than bribing US companies to keep a few hundred jobs here and there, let alone create new jobs. The geothermal-lithium angle could be just the ticket.